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Chandra Dosh Niwaran

The Moon in Vedic astrology is known as Chandra or Soma, which is named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice. Chandra means "bright and shining" in Sanskrit. It is known to represent the deepest personal needs, basic habits and reactions, and unconscious of an individual.

The Hindu Vedic astrology chart follows the Moon sign; hence Chandra holds utmost importance in Hindu culture and astrology. Moon, being the ruler of water signs, tends to drive individual personalities more than the Sun. Chandra is perceived to be the mark of immense purity and trueness, along with its expression of divinity and wisdom. It is also famous as an explicit expression of beauty, charm, dreams and fantasy.

The color associated with Chandra is white, and the gemstone associated with it is Pearl.

What is Chandra Mahadasha?

Moon comes the closest to the ruling Nakshatra of an individual to create Chandra Mahadasha. This representation makes an individual emotional, intuitive and concerned with home, as Moon in Vedic astrology symbolizes Mother, emotions, nourishment, fertility and public life.

Chandra Mahadasha Effects:

Affects of Chandra Mahadasha makes a person affluent, good memory, sensitive, receptive and s/he tends to do meritorious deeds. A strong Chandra during Mahadasha makes a person inclined towards art, and will make him/her more imaginative, creative, fearless, emotionally balanced and knowledgeable. People also sometimes acquire home, vehicle and wealth.

On the other hand, the weak moon is known to bring mental weakness, and convey quiet frailty until the core. It may bring forth physical problems like lethargy, drowsiness, sleeplessness, kidney complaints, menstrual problems, fertility issues, depression etc.

However, Moon is known for its oceanic tides. Similarly, it brings up and downs in life of the individual.

What is Chandra Dosha?

Chandra Dosha is the weak side of moon during the Mahadasha period. It affects relationships of an individual and people around him/her. It may also cause various kinds of physical pains and diseases like mental tensions and depression. Weak moon or Chandra Dosha also highlights personality disorders, emotional disturbances and difficulties in relating to other people.

Chandra Dosha Remedies:

Remedies to please Moon and cure Chandra Dosha, people are advised to donate Rice, grains, Camphor, White-cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower, sugar, bullock, curd and pearls.

Chandra Graha Mantra:

To nullify Chandra Dosha, japa of Chandra Graha Mantra is recommended.

"Dadhi shankha tusharabham kshirodarnava sambhavam ||

Namami shashinam somam shambhor mukutbhushanam ||"

God Associated and Chandra Dosha Nivaran Puja:

Daksha cursed Moon to fade away due to his pride of luster and shine. Lord Shiva saved Moon from Daksha's curse and adorned him on his head. This makes Lord Shiva the ruler of moon; hence the ill effects of Chandra Dosha can be nullified by praying to Shiva.

The supreme God of Moon is Goddess Parvati. Chandra Dosha can be annulled by either worshiping Goddess Parvathi with Chandra or separately.

The Gauri-Shankar form is also considered to be the ruler of Moon. So to diminish Chandra Dosha, one can worship the Ardhnareshwar form too.

Our Chandra Dosha Nivaran Puja service includes Ganpati Pujan, Ganpati mantra, Chandra mantra jaap and Aarti.

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