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Shukra Dosh Niwaran

Venus or Shukra Graha is known as the son of Sage Bhrigu, as per the Vedic mythology. He is the embodiment of love and is mostly benefic in nature. Venus is the brightest entity in the night sky, next to moon. He is known to govern the sophisticated attributes of one's life, like; beauty, romance, passion, sensuality, jewelry, luxury and wealth.

Astrologically, Shukra Graha holds power over bringing beauty, balance, harmony, feelings and affections, and sympathy in people's life. It rules over an individual's marriage, romantic relations, business partnerships, art and social life.

A strong Shukra Graha brings wealth, comfort, attraction to the opposite sex, and makes an individual gentle, tender and considerate. A malefic Shukra brings forth problems related to eyes, ovaries, gout, and ailments related to luxurious lifestyle. It is also known to cause vehicular accidents, depravity in love and marriage, and comforts of life.

The color associated with Shukra Graha is white, indigo, orange, violet, purple and burgundy, and the gemstone associated is Diamond.

What is Shukra Mahadasha:

The presence of Shukra Graha in the Nakshtra of birth in an individual's natal chart is known as Shukra Mahadasha. A strong Shukra in the Mahadasha brings forth aesthetic sense of working, new vehicles, material gains, and pleasures, friendliness, love, luxury, beauty and gracefulness.

A weak Shukra causes venereal diseases, breaking up of relationships, urinary diseases, paralysis, asthma, impotence, loss of bodily luster and other ailments.

What is the Shukra Dosha?

Due to the harsh or weak placement of Shukra Graha in one's natal chart, people get ill predicaments in their lives. This ill impact of Venus is known as Shukra Dosha.

Shukra Dosha Remedies:

The remedies for Shukra Dosha include fasting on Fridays as the day is bestowed to Goddess Shakti, the ruler of Shukra Graha. One is also advised to visit sacred places meant for the Mother Goddess. People are also advised to worship Lord Shukra to acquire his blessings of joy and worldly pleasure.

Fridays are dedicated to Shakti, or the Mother Goddess Laxmi. Worshipping Laxmi provides happiness and material wealth, and removes obstacles created due to Shukra Dosha in an individual's life. She brings in luck and prosperity in people's lives.

We at Rudra Centre, perform Shukra Dosha Puja as per the Vedic rituals to provide benefit in people's life.

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