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Surya Dosh Niwaran

Surya or Sun is the most important part of astrology, as it is the giver of life, and symbolizes our conscious mind. Surya is also representation of our will to live and our creative life force. It provides energy to all the planets and organisms living on it, along with the will to use the energy in positive or a negative way. Surya brings about strength, power, glory and courage in people, while empowering the will-power and soul. Sun makes up the eyes, general vitality, courage and authority in people.

The majesty of Sun brings forth the royalty and higher office in people's life with the coming of the planet. Its light provides a vital life force to people, which in turn gives strength, energy and a will to succeed. Astrologically, Surya represents the self, one's personality and ego, along with his spirit. It imbibes creative power to individual to fight challenges in daily life.

The color associated with Surya is copper or red and orange, and the gemstone associated is Ruby and Yellow Topaz.

What is Surya Dosha?

Surya Dosha occurs when the positioning of Surya is weak or bad in a person's horoscope. People with Surya Dosha may have low confidence level, and will become lazy and lethargic.

What is Surya Mahadasha?

Surya Mahadasha is when sun is nearest to the Nakshatra of an individual. A strong sun denotes high administrative positions and fame. He imparts brevity and courage to people along with majestic appearance and great command in speech. However, a weak sun during Surya Mahadasha brings in liver diseases, stomach problems, digestive problems, diabetes and ulcers.

Surya Mantra:

By undertaking the ritual chanting of Surya Mantra, people can remove the malefic effects of the Sun.

"Om Akrishnen Rajsa Vartmano Niveshayanm Amritam Martyanya Hiranyayen Savitarathenadevo Yaati Bhuvanani Pashyan Suryay Namah"

God Associated and Surya Dosha Nivaran Puja:

Sun God is the bringer of fame and confidence in one's life. Therefore, to overcome Surya Dosha, people should worship Surya on Sundays, and should get up early morning to do Surya Namaskar.

As per Valmiki Ramayana, Rama is the descendant of sun and an incarnation of Vishnu, hence He rules Sun. Therefore, to annul the ill effects of Surya Dosha, people should worship Lord Rama every morning as a regular prayer.

We at Rudra Centre, perform the Surya Dosha Nivaran Puja as per the Vedic rules to counter the effect of weak sun.

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